Tax & Economic Management


Do you know your tax burden? Do you know when which levies are to be paid and in what amount?

Thanks to our planning calculations during the year, you can optimize your tax burden and make provisions for future payments in good time.  A payment plan ensures that you have an overview of all payments and no nasty surprises await you.


For a company, it is not only essential to know about the taxes incurred, but every entrepreneur should always have his entire company in view, so that business decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. Data from accounting can be used for cost accounting. Planning calculations and financial plans show the target state of your company’s development. The plans are compared with the actual state, the results of your accounting. The target/actual comparison enables you to take measures quickly to steer your company in the right direction and provides you with valuable information as to whether the business decisions made have achieved the desired effects.


However, Tax Management is not only intended to ensure an optimal tax burden and efficient corporate decisions, but also to achieve a high degree of tax compliance through the use of appropriate measures (tax control system). With Tax Management you get stability in such a complex matter.