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Payroll services

We do not only register your employees and compute the monthly salary; we also submit the monthly and annual reports to the Social Security Institutions and Tax Offices electronically. Furthermore we assist you in the case of audits of the tax authorities or Social Security Institutions.

Of course we calculate the costs for the company in advance if you want to employ someone. We also support you if you want to implement different payment systems.

In all company-related matters regarding labour law and social security law we give you our advice and support.

Please notice that alle employees have to be registered at the Social Security Institution „Gebietskrankenkasse“ before they start working. If you can not reach your payroll accountant in time, please conduct the registration with the minimum required information.

You have to submit your „Dienstgeberkontonummer“, the name and social insurance number of the employee and the date and place of the beginning of the work. The registration process have to be conducted electronically through the portal ELDA. Only if a electronic submission is not possible the registration process can be made per telephone (+43 5 78 07-60) or fax.

Within seven days of the beginning of the employment the full registration has to be applied.


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