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Accounting – the new way

Due to the use of new technologies accounting can be made location-independent, the quality can be increased and costs can be reduced. You can forward your scanned records to us and they are processed electronically in our system. The original records remain at your possession. For sure we also care for the processing of the original record, if you prefer to forward them to us. The modern accounting system leads to accounting in a more efficient way and consequently to a reduced rate. Without any extra costs accounting can be made at short intervals, e.g. daily or weekly. That gives you the advantage to overview the status quo of your company at any time. The information can be the basis for decision-making in your daily business. Furthermore it is not necessary any more to do the same work twice. E.g. you need not make extra notes for the collection proceedings. You get the relevant data from the accounting and you can in fact use the data because it is up-to-the-minute due to the short accounting intervals. Companies that consider outsourcing the accounting department profit from the system that guarantees the availability of the information like it were in-house.


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